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Full Metal Wheelbarrow
I can't complain, but sometimes I still do...
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22nd-Sep-2015 08:35 pm - I Aten't Dead
But I appear to have failed to post here for Aeons.

In my defense I have been Rather Busy - Rob has been off work with a poorly eye and last week we finally got referred to the Royal Hallamshire hospital in Sheffield to have it looked at, the folk at Derby lacking the equipment to peer at it properly.

We saw a splendidly jovial Professor there on Thursday and were then sent to see a very nice surgeon and Rob was booked in to have a vitrectomy on the Friday with a checkup on Saturday morning. This basically means removing the jelly in the eye and is apparently fairly common.

Rob is now at home recovering with All The Eye Drops (4 different sorts, in varying doses) and pills, which make him very sleepy. We're now waiting for an appointment for the followup examination.

He can see better than before the operation though, despite on of the drops being the sort that dilates the pupil and blurs the vision.
16th-Jul-2015 08:15 pm(no subject)
I have a parcel to send to Forn Parts.

Having weighed and measured it carefully, I hie me to the Royal Mail wibblesite and input the necessary info.

"That'll be 33 squid with ParcelFarce globalvalue" they declare with glee.

So I pootle off to Parcel2Go to see if they has a courier of a rather more economical bent.

Numbers input and they come up, among others, with £23.99 +VAT...with Parcel Farce Euro Priority....

So, curiosity awoken, I poke the numbers into the ParcelFarce website...which declares that my parcel will cost just under £45 to send and seems not toknow of the EuroPriority service....

Consistency? What's that?

Meanwhile, UPS will do the job for £22.79.
4th-Jul-2015 08:54 pm(no subject)
PIctures from the Elvaston Steam Rally.

Lots of pictures :) There will be video too at some point….

“Steam!</iCollapse )
10th-Jun-2015 07:33 pm(no subject)
Some bird photos from the last few days.

“Dunnocks!”Collapse )
7th-Jun-2015 08:20 am(no subject)
So a chap on Facebook[1] posted the Winston Churchill quote about having enemies meaning you've stood up for something. He says that he has - including his belief in Jesus and the right to bear arms. He apparently sees no conflict between these two things.

One more reason to be glad I don't live in America....

[1] Not a friend of mine - I think one of my FB friends commented....
29th-May-2015 08:46 pm - Puffins, Part Deux.
More puffin pictures - including my first ever successful shot of one coming in to land!

“Puffination!”Collapse )
26th-May-2015 03:18 pm - Puffins!
First batch of puffin pictures!

“Puffins!”Collapse )
24th-May-2015 02:31 pm - Ships and deer and birdies.
More holiday pictures. Be patient, the puffins are coming but they’re a post or two away yet ;)

“Mull”Collapse )
First few pictures from our holiday - The Kelpies, a pair of massive horse-head statues at Grangemouth.

“Horsie!”Collapse )
10th-May-2015 10:23 am(no subject)
The sun sneaked out for a bit. Here are some pictures!

Arachnophobes beware - there’s a spider in the last two pictures.

“Sunshine!”Collapse )
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